Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ajantha painting

      The Ajanta wall paintings are famous for their magnificent line work, the use of natural pigments obtained from pebbles,vegetables mixed with glue, the artistry achieved with only primitive tools such as squirrel`s tail. For many years these pictures were called frescoes, and they are now referred to as murales, due to the fact that they were painted on a dry surface.
Avalokitesvara who looks down
A layer of clay was mixed with cow dung and powdered rice husk and, it has been suggested, also urine. This was first applied to the chipped rock surface. When it dried, a second coat of lime plaster was applied with a trowel. The lines of the image were then drawn in pink, brown or black, and the colours filled in with big brushes, made from the hair of squirrel tails.The main colours used were red ochre, yellow ochre, brown ochre, lamp black, white and lapis lazuli which was imported from Northern India, central Asia and Persia. The green was made by mixing this lapis lazuli with Indian yellow ochre. 

AvalokiteĊ›vara "The lord who looks down" is repainted on paper with all details from original cave painting to recreate primitive pigments on plaster.Some of the elements  of  this painting  were added to give complete presence of  the theme,which actually does not exist in original. The reprinted  painting in reprinted form is available for sale.Enthusiasts who are interested to purchase this reprint may contact me through my email. Orders will be received and Painting will be shipped "Cash on delivery" with in three working days  .

Available stock and price

25 X 19 inches Print -950 INR
20 X 14 inches Print -500 INR
15 X 10 inches Print -300INR

Kiran B

B.kiran kumar
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I here by declare that this painting in image is repainted by me and I own all rights on this painting. Duplication and reproduction of this art work in any form or means is strictly prohibited.  This form of art work is not available on any other site or any form out side this web site.All rights reserved.